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Even if you can't afford your own farmhouse in Italy—or Provence, or Ireland, or Andalusia, or wherevever your European dream countryside resides—staying on a working farm, or agriturism, gets you up close with the rural heart of Europe.

You don’t even have to milk the buffalo for mozzarella or stomp the grapes for wine (though sometimes being a temporary farm hand for fun is an option).

Besides the gentry there have been other analogous traditional elites.

The adjective patrician ("of or like a person of high social rank") for example describes most closely members of the governing elites found within metropolitan areas like the mediaeval free cities of Italy (Venice, Genoa), the free imperial cities of Germany and Switzerland, and the areas of the Hanseatic League, which, by virtue of their urban milieu, differed from the gentry (though many also had rural residences).

Though the untitled nobility in modern-day Britain are normally termed gentry, the older sense of "nobility" is that of a quality identical to gentry.

The fundamental social division in most parts of Europe in the Middle Ages was between the "nobiles", i.e., the tenants in chivalry (whether counts, barons, knights, esquires or franklins), and the "ignobles", i.e., the villeins, citizens and burgesses.

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Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.

Sometime in the late 19th century the farm became known as Pine Grove, as well as The Ferry Farm.

The farm rose to national prominence during the Washington Birth Bicentennial of 1932—during the years surrounding this celebration some authors cited both the names Ferry Farm and Pine Grove.

Our policy is to give farmers advice on investment and innovation, to help them with this task.

Agriculture is one area of policy where EU governments have agreed to fully pool responsibility – along with the necessary public funding.