Redating the new testament by john at robinson

But this is disingenuous, hypocritical, eternally dangerous—and is probably heretical to whichever religion one claims allegiance.On what basis does one claim to know more about the religion than the founders of the religion themselves?We are interested in exploring here what the source documents say concerning these two major world religions, Christianity and Islam.That is, we will explore and compare the Bible and the Quran (plus the written traditions of Islam called the hadith).These are the following: 1) acceptance of the Scriptures as God-breathed (θεόπνευστος), 2) correct placement of the text within the framework of God’s progressive revelation, and 3) sound and consistent hermeneutic or interpretative method.The first word of the book is “revelation” (ἀποκάλυψις)–hence its title.

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They may even attend worship services, but in their own mind reject many of the core beliefs.As we compare orthodox (that is fundamental) Christianity and orthodox (fundamental) Islam, we hope to speak to a variety of audiences, including: Let us say this also at the outset.As noted on our home page, our organization is dedicated to exploring God through reason and evidence.evelation is a confusing book to most people despite the many commentaries written.The reason most commentaries fail to enlighten the book’s contents is because they violate one or more of the three basic principles of sound biblical interpretation.