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“I haven't been watching it this year”, he explained. It was one of the best relationships I’ve ever had”. “I’m not going to spend my time watching my ex-girlfriend on TV. This is all well and good but how the F would he know that she’s being herself in the house if he hasn’t watched the show? When asked what his relationship with Gabby was like, Billy explained that “she’s the sexiest girl I’ve ever met. She was very flirty and a really good looking girl. If you've used a dating site or app like Ok Cupid or Tinder, you'll have noticed the hundreds of fake profiles that exist on the sites, seemingly designed to make you hand over your profile to scammers.

- Pay online - Fast, easy, safe and secure - Supported banks: ABN AMRO Bank N. That said, Gabby’s ex did also admit that he hadn’t been watching the series as he thinks doing so would be strange. ) Remember when Marcel and Gabby expressed their concerns about Montana and Alex? Billy went on to explain that she’s being absolutely “genuine”, despite viewers claiming otherwise."Poke." "Hey buddy." "Hey sexy." Say hello back and they’ll respond with a quick story about how incredibly frisky they are feeling.It seems that they have just gotten home from the gym, and are about to remove all their clothing. In this case, what might seem too good to be true actually is.