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That is, I'm loathe to trust my personal financial information to an online service. I've been budgeting with MS Money since 2004 and was pretty disappointed to hear it's being discontinued.

Budgeting is actually a stress-relieving hobby for me, and I can be a bit of a control-freak when it comes to finances, so I decided to start early looking for a replacement rather than waiting until MS Money can no longer download transactions.

While my Money 2003 is still working well -- even on Windows 7! I'd like to investigate and wean myself off MS Money, eventually.

-- there may come a time when it simply doesn't work any more (Windows 8? I'm specifically interested in personal finance desktop software.

We would like to thank the many dedicated users who have been enthusiastic supporters of Microsoft Money over the years, as well as our partner financial institutions who helped pioneer a digital vision of financial management.

I use Microsoft Money 2003 to manage household finances. I didn't upgrade to later versions since there was no compelling reason to do so.

However, Microsoft announced earlier this summer that they will no longer sell or support the product.

However, these editions were discontinued due to what was believed to be an insufficient user-base to justify the expense of localization for more recent editions or the expense to integrate support for the national online-banking standard like HBCI in Germany.

Microsoft offered a free downloadable time-limited trial version of Microsoft Money Plus. To celebrate Windows 95's release and to promote the advantages of a native Windows 95 application, Money 95 was available as a free web download from Microsoft's web site between August 24, 1995 and October 31, 1995.